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Famous Critics

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10/10 Edgar Allan Poe popularity 10/10  Edgar Allan Poe quotes5/10 Margo Jefferson popularity 5/10  Margo Jefferson quotes
9/10 Roger Ebert popularity 9/10  Roger Ebert quotes5/10 Louise Bogan popularity 5/10  Louise Bogan quotes
8/10 Samuel Johnson popularity 8/10  Samuel Johnson quotes5/10 Lawrence Clark Powell popularity 5/10  Lawrence Clark Powell quotes
8/10 Samuel Taylor Coleridge popularity 8/10  Samuel Taylor Coleridge quotes5/10 Lionel Trilling popularity 5/10  Lionel Trilling quotes
8/10 T.S. Eliot popularity 8/10  T.S. Eliot quotes5/10 Julian Barnes popularity 5/10  Julian Barnes quotes
8/10 Umberto Eco popularity 8/10  Umberto Eco quotes5/10 John Mason Brown popularity 5/10  John Mason Brown quotes
8/10 Kierkegaard popularity 8/10  Kierkegaard quotes5/10 Theophile Gautier popularity 5/10  Theophile Gautier quotes
8/10 Margaret Fuller popularity 8/10  Margaret Fuller quotes5/10 Rebecca Harding Davis popularity 5/10  Rebecca Harding Davis quotes
8/10 Oscar Wilde popularity 8/10  Oscar Wilde quotes5/10 William Empson popularity 5/10  William Empson quotes
8/10 Aldous Huxley popularity 8/10  Aldous Huxley quotes3/10 Whitney Balliett popularity 3/10  Whitney Balliett quotes
8/10 Emile Zola popularity 8/10  Emile Zola quotes3/10 Will Cuppy popularity 3/10  Will Cuppy quotes
8/10 Ezra Pound popularity 8/10  Ezra Pound quotes3/10 William Gifford popularity 3/10  William Gifford quotes
8/10 Friedrich Nietzsche popularity 8/10  Friedrich Nietzsche quotes3/10 Tom Shales popularity 3/10  Tom Shales quotes
8/10 George Bernard Shaw popularity 8/10  George Bernard Shaw quotes3/10 Jane Rule popularity 3/10  Jane Rule quotes
8/10 Harold Bloom popularity 8/10  Harold Bloom quotes3/10 Judith Crist popularity 3/10  Judith Crist quotes
7/10 James Agee popularity 7/10  James Agee quotes3/10 Kenneth Tynan popularity 3/10  Kenneth Tynan quotes
7/10 Andre Breton popularity 7/10  Andre Breton quotes3/10 Clive James popularity 3/10  Clive James quotes
7/10 Anthony Burgess popularity 7/10  Anthony Burgess quotes3/10 Dana Gioia popularity 3/10  Dana Gioia quotes
7/10 Amy Lowell popularity 7/10  Amy Lowell quotes3/10 Alan Brien popularity 3/10  Alan Brien quotes
7/10 Charles Lamb popularity 7/10  Charles Lamb quotes3/10 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing popularity 3/10  Gotthold Ephraim Lessing quotes
7/10 Pauline Kael popularity 7/10  Pauline Kael quotes3/10 George E. Woodberry popularity 3/10  George E. Woodberry quotes
7/10 Matthew Arnold popularity 7/10  Matthew Arnold quotes3/10 George Jean Nathan popularity 3/10  George Jean Nathan quotes
7/10 Kenneth Burke popularity 7/10  Kenneth Burke quotes3/10 George Saintsbury popularity 3/10  George Saintsbury quotes
7/10 James Russell Lowell popularity 7/10  James Russell Lowell quotes3/10 Elizabeth Hardwick popularity 3/10  Elizabeth Hardwick quotes
7/10 John Dryden popularity 7/10  John Dryden quotes2/10 Hugh Kingsmill popularity 2/10  Hugh Kingsmill quotes
7/10 John Ruskin popularity 7/10  John Ruskin quotes2/10 Carl Van Doren popularity 2/10  Carl Van Doren quotes
7/10 Roland Barthes popularity 7/10  Roland Barthes quotes2/10 Malcolm Cowley popularity 2/10  Malcolm Cowley quotes
7/10 Susan Sontag popularity 7/10  Susan Sontag quotes1/10 Karl Kraus popularity 1/10  Karl Kraus quotes
6/10 William Ernest Henley popularity 6/10  William Ernest Henley quotes1/10 Hilton Kramer popularity 1/10  Hilton Kramer quotes
6/10 Raymond Williams popularity 6/10  Raymond Williams quotes0/10 Howard Mumford Jones popularity 0/10  Howard Mumford Jones quotes
6/10 Robert Hughes popularity 6/10  Robert Hughes quotes0/10 Hugh Walpole, Sr. popularity 0/10  Hugh Walpole, Sr. quotes
6/10 Samuel Butler popularity 6/10  Samuel Butler quotes0/10 Irving Howe popularity 0/10  Irving Howe quotes
6/10 Vladimir Nabokov popularity 6/10  Vladimir Nabokov quotes0/10 J. C. Squire popularity 0/10  J. C. Squire quotes
6/10 Joseph Weizenbaum popularity 6/10  Joseph Weizenbaum quotes0/10 James Agate popularity 0/10  James Agate quotes
6/10 Kingsley Amis popularity 6/10  Kingsley Amis quotes0/10 James Gibbons Huneker popularity 0/10  James Gibbons Huneker quotes
6/10 Mary McCarthy popularity 6/10  Mary McCarthy quotes0/10 James Laver popularity 0/10  James Laver quotes
6/10 Northrop Frye popularity 6/10  Northrop Frye quotes0/10 Harriet Monroe popularity 0/10  Harriet Monroe quotes
6/10 Paul Valery popularity 6/10  Paul Valery quotes0/10 Henri de Régnier popularity 0/10  Henri de Régnier quotes
6/10 Carl Van Vechten popularity 6/10  Carl Van Vechten quotes0/10 F. R. Leavis popularity 0/10  F. R. Leavis quotes
6/10 Cesare Pavese popularity 6/10  Cesare Pavese quotes0/10 Friedrich von Schlegel popularity 0/10  Friedrich von Schlegel quotes
6/10 Arthur Koestler popularity 6/10  Arthur Koestler quotes0/10 Carlos Drummond de Andrade popularity 0/10  Carlos Drummond de Andrade quotes
6/10 Bernard Berenson popularity 6/10  Bernard Berenson quotes0/10 Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve popularity 0/10  Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve quotes
6/10 Bernard Levin popularity 6/10  Bernard Levin quotes0/10 Charles Du Bos popularity 0/10  Charles Du Bos quotes
6/10 Archibald MacLeish popularity 6/10  Archibald MacLeish quotes0/10 Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton popularity 0/10  Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton quotes
6/10 Algernon Charles Swinburne popularity 6/10  Algernon Charles Swinburne quotes0/10 Edgar Z. Friedenberg popularity 0/10  Edgar Z. Friedenberg quotes
6/10 George Steiner popularity 6/10  George Steiner quotes0/10 Addison Gayle, Jr. popularity 0/10  Addison Gayle, Jr. quotes
6/10 Guillaume Apollinaire popularity 6/10  Guillaume Apollinaire quotes0/10 August Wilhelm von Schlegel popularity 0/10  August Wilhelm von Schlegel quotes
6/10 Henry Fuseli popularity 6/10  Henry Fuseli quotes0/10 Austin Dobson popularity 0/10  Austin Dobson quotes
6/10 G. K. Chesterton popularity 6/10  G. K. Chesterton quotes0/10 Bernard Tavernier popularity 0/10  Bernard Tavernier quotes
6/10 Francois Truffaut popularity 6/10  Francois Truffaut quotes0/10 Brendan Gill popularity 0/10  Brendan Gill quotes
5/10 Dwight MacDonald popularity 5/10  Dwight MacDonald quotes0/10 Bernard De Voto popularity 0/10  Bernard De Voto quotes
5/10 Emlyn Williams popularity 5/10  Emlyn Williams quotes0/10 Louis-Hector Berlioz popularity 0/10  Louis-Hector Berlioz quotes
5/10 Edward Young popularity 5/10  Edward Young quotes0/10 John Sullivan Dwight popularity 0/10  John Sullivan Dwight quotes
5/10 Gao Xingjian popularity 5/10  Gao Xingjian quotes0/10 Johann Gottfried Von Herder popularity 0/10  Johann Gottfried Von Herder quotes
5/10 Henry Louis Mencken popularity 5/10  Henry Louis Mencken quotes0/10 Marcel Jouhandeau popularity 0/10  Marcel Jouhandeau quotes
5/10 Harley Granville Barker popularity 5/10  Harley Granville Barker quotes0/10 Molly Haskell popularity 0/10  Molly Haskell quotes
5/10 Giovanni Papini popularity 5/10  Giovanni Papini quotes0/10 Nicholas Boileau popularity 0/10  Nicholas Boileau quotes
5/10 Amanda Cross popularity 5/10  Amanda Cross quotes0/10 P. Bourget popularity 0/10  P. Bourget quotes
5/10 Arnold Bennett popularity 5/10  Arnold Bennett quotes0/10 Pamela Hansford Johnson popularity 0/10  Pamela Hansford Johnson quotes
5/10 Andre Bazin popularity 5/10  Andre Bazin quotes0/10 Paul Bourget popularity 0/10  Paul Bourget quotes
5/10 Cyril Connolly popularity 5/10  Cyril Connolly quotes0/10 Sir Herbert Read popularity 0/10  Sir Herbert Read quotes
5/10 Dame Edith Sitwell popularity 5/10  Dame Edith Sitwell quotes0/10 Walter Horatio Pater popularity 0/10  Walter Horatio Pater quotes
5/10 Edmund Gosse popularity 5/10  Edmund Gosse quotes0/10 Van Wyck Brooks popularity 0/10  Van Wyck Brooks quotes
5/10 Brooks Atkinson popularity 5/10  Brooks Atkinson quotes0/10 Vincent Canby popularity 0/10  Vincent Canby quotes
5/10 Christopher Lasch popularity 5/10  Christopher Lasch quotes0/10 Salvador De Madariaga popularity 0/10  Salvador De Madariaga quotes
5/10 Cleanth Brooks popularity 5/10  Cleanth Brooks quotes0/10 Salvatore Quasimodo popularity 0/10  Salvatore Quasimodo quotes
5/10 Pierre Bayle popularity 5/10  Pierre Bayle quotes0/10 William Warburton popularity 0/10  William Warburton quotes
5/10 John Drinkwater popularity 5/10  John Drinkwater quotes 
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